A Commercial Logo for the Beech Forests

What’s the commercial logo?

The logo was designed specifically for the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site “Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany”. The logo shall serve to advertises the world natural heritage internationally in a consistent way.

Who may apply for the logo?

Governmental and non-governmental organizations, suppliers, natural persons, partners from the catering trade and tourism can use the logo to show their support of the world heritage site. Before using the logo, they need to apply to the nature-reserve administration responsible.
The logo should be used for all projects and activities that have a close connection to the world natural heritage site. The aim of the logo is a consistent representation and the support of activities that are in accordance with the world natural heritage site.

What are the advantages of using the logo?

The partners who use the logo show their support of and identification with the world natural heritage site. Apart from this, they demonstrate their willingness to take responsibility for the protection of the world heritage site. In turn, they benefit from the high renown associated with UNESCO world heritage sites. The logo stands for the outstanding international distinction of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.